The overall objective of the Project is provision of interoperability of the Trans-European railway network

Project description

The project shall implement the conditions of particular European agreements (AGC, AGTC). They specify that 160 and 120 kmh speed shall be provided for passenger trains and freight trains respectively with 225 kN axle load. Conditions of the project also include building an up-to-date signaling control system and electrification. The current line does not provide these conditions and additionally there is a missing link along the section (the most critical factor along the bearing capacity). The line will remain single-tracked after the reconstruction therefore intermediate stations that will cope with the expectedly busier traffic shall be constructed in order to provide easy passing of each other and parking for longer trains. The signalling control device and the telecommunication systems will be new but the catenary system and the power supply shall also be constructed. Switch heating and outdoor lighting shall be provided and apart from upgrading the current track infrastructure, passenger information devices, easy access to the railway station (P+R, B+R and K+R facilities) and direct changing facilities (bus stop) shall also be established. Subject railway section starts at the terminal point of Subotica station, it goes through Csikéria and ends at the entry point of Bácsalmás.

 About Subotica – Baja railway line

  • Total length of the railway line from Subotica to Baja is app. 58km;
  • 4km of tracks is demolished (in Serbia);
  • Section is not in use from 1990;
  • Section will link with the Corridor X (road, rail) and Corridor VII (Danube);
  • Section will be part of the future re-established link between Fiume (Croatia) and Constanta (Romania).

LAST UPDATE: 05.04.2019


Project purpose
Development and Completion of Technical documentation of Subotica - Csikéria - Bácsalmás - Baja Railway line section according to the European Technical Specification for Interoperability (TSI)

Serbian Railways Infrastructure and Hungarian State Railway Company

Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Construction and Transport

Project period


Following activities will be carried out as part of this assignment:

  • Development and completion of Preliminary Design/Design for Approval,
  • Assistance to the Client for obtaining of location permits,
  • Review and adjustment of the Environmental Impact Assessment Study,
  • CBA analysis and preparation od Feasibility Study,
  • etc.


Ivana Stevanović
Head of Department Roads, Railways and Airports
Tel + 381 11 38 35 040