CeS.TRA is providing extensive experience in structural engineering for infrastructural commercial, government, residential and industrial projects of all sizes. We provide design, planning, logistics, tendering services and construction supervising during all construction phases, for new or existing structures of any scale in both urban and rural environments. Advanced and reliable design tools are a prerequisite for carrying out an optimised design. CeS.TRA uses a number of computerised tools in our designs including the following:

  • PHASE is a finite element program specifically developed for numerical analysis in geotechnical and tunnelling design.
  • SLIDE is program widely used for modelling and analysis of slope stability.
  • GEO5 is a software suite, providing solution for majority of geotechnical tasks such as retaining walls and soil bearing capacity.
  • TOWER 7 is a finite element program for analysis and design of beam, truss, slab, shell and 3D structures.
  • ARMCAD add on AutoCAD, for drawings of reinforcement details.

Our services

Civil engineering structures are built wherever the natural terrain needs to be altered to enable the completion of infrastructure projects. More demanding infrastructural requirements, widely varying terrain and dynamic urban development make civil engineering structures of various kinds necessary.

What we do include but not limited to the following:

  • Bridges (Road bridges, Railway bridges, Overpasses, Underpasses, Wildlife passageways)
  • Geotechnical structures (Retaining walls, Slope Stability, Rock Stability, Ground Improvement, Landslide Analysis)
  • Tunnels (Cut-and-cover tunnels, Bored tunnels, Shafts)
  • Hydro technical structures (Dams, Mini hydro plants)
  • Energy and telecommunication supporting structures (Telecommunication towers, Telecommunication masts, Streetlight columns, Power supply supporting structures)
  • Onshore wind parks
We also perform design and construction supervising for almost all kind of buildings and facilities.

What we do:

  • Commercial (shopping malls, banks, hotels, tourist complexes, sports centres, office buildings),
  • Government (courts, hospitals, health centres, schools, kindergartens),
  • Residential (residential buildings and villas) and
  • Industrial projects of all sizes (gas stations, industrial halls of various purpose, warehouses).