This project will result with technical documentation necessary for the construction of a single-track railway bypass around Niš (Design for construction permit, tender documentation). The project is a follow up of the previous phase implemented in the period 2013-2016, resulting with the Conceptual and Preliminary Design and accompanying studies

Project description

The purpose of this Project is to further define the details regarding the position, alignment, longitudinal sections, capacity, technical, technological, and functional characteristics of the Niš Bypass according to the accepted solution from the Preliminary Design and Feasibility Study.

The overall objectives of this Project are:
- harmonisation of the transport infrastructure in relation to the development of the City of Niš and Constantine the Great Airport;
- relocation of freight transport from the centre of Niš;
- development of railway systems without disrupting the transit transport on Corridor X.

In the wider context, the objectives include:
- integration of the functional areas in Serbia, region and wider;
- completion of electrification of the railway Corridor X through Serbia and providing a more reliable and faster railway transport in the country;
- completion, modernisation and sustainable development of the Serbian railway transport system within the Pan-European Corridor X, in order to meet the required EU capacity levels and quality standards relevant to the TEN-T network.


  • The Niš Bypass is a new single-track railway line route in the length of cc 22 km, for speeds up to 160 km/h, with a starting point at Niš Ranžirna Station with the formation of new stations Niš Sever, Pantelej and Vrežina up to fitting into the existing railway line Niš – Dimitrovgrad.

  • The bypass will be located in the northern part of the city of Nis and will enable the relocation of freight rail traffic from the center of Nis.

LAST UPDATE: 02.7.2024


Project purpose
Construction of a new route of a single-track electrified railway, a bypass around Niš for speeds up to 160 km/h.

Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure
Serbian Railways Infrastructure JSC

European Investment Bank (EIB)

Project period
2019 - 2024


  • Environmental impact assessment study;
  • Development of a Conceptual Solution for obtaining Location Conditions
  • Development of a Project for a building permit, including:
    • Geodetic documentation;
    • Study on geotechnical conditions for construction of the railway line;
    • Design of alignment of railway line and stations;
    • Design of bridge structures;
    • Design of Hydraulic Engineering Structures;
    • Design of roads;
    • Design of buildings station complexes;
    • Design of technology and organization of traffic
    • Design of technical infrastructure and utilities, as well as protection and relocation of existing technical infrastructure and utilities;
  • Preparation of Tender documents.


Jasna Stojiljković-Milić
Managing Director
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