The spatial plan of the city of Kragujevac evisages connecting the planned work zone “Sobavica-Lužnice” with the existing railway Lapovo-Kragujevac-Kraljevo. The railway is planned as category D4 (22.5 t/axle, 8.0 t/m) and as fully equipped for smooth and safe passenger and cargo traffic.

Project description

The subject of this project is the development of a Preliminary Design with a Feasibility Study and an Environmental impact Assessment Stydu for a line infrastructure facilty-a railway in a corridor of about 16km, which should connect the Working zone „Sobovica-Lužnice“ with the existing railway Lapovo-Kragujevac-Kraljevo in the area of the Cvetojevac stop.

Track capacities for testing railway vehicles with a total of three tracks were also designed. The test track is designed for adjustable widths of 1435mm and 1000mm. The design speed on the tracks is 35 km/h, except for the part of the test track in the last 1414 m that is electrified by the contact network system, where the maximum train speed is 80 km/h.
Project documentation is formed for the following units:
- Design of the railway for public passenger and cargo traffic (Jovanovac) - Crossroads „Cvetojevac“ – Sobovica
- Design of the connection of the main industrial track for the working zone Sobavica, to the land boundary of the complex of the working zone „MIND“ park
- Design of the connection of the main industrial track for the factory complex in Luznice, to the border of the land of the factory complex „Siemens“
- Design of separate switches and track capacities for testing rail vehicles with workshop complex
- Designing the railway station and stops for serving passengers in the railway zone, in accordance with the needs given in the Detailed Regulation Plan

 New railway

  • The railway is designed for a speed of 80 km/h, while the current maximum permitted speed on the section of the existing Lapovo-Kragujevac-Kraljevo railway to which the newly designed railway connects is 40 km/h.
  • It is designed as a single-track and non-electrified railway, with possible electrification in the future.
  • The station protection and menagment system and all Its components (materials,construction, production, assembly, inspection, testing) will be strictly in accordance with the IEC version and/or Europian standards

LAST UPDATE: 02.11.2020


Purpose of the project
Design of a new railway for public transport of passengers and cargo traffic

Serbian Railway Infrastructure JSC

Serbian Railway Infrastructure JSC

Project period
2020 - 2021


  • Geodetic survay and production of geodetic bases
  • Elaboration of geodetic works
  • Development of geodetic marking project
  • Engeneering-geological and geotechnical research and laboratory tests
  • Traffic organization and technology project
  • Elements of the preliminary design for the purposes of drafting the Detailed Regulation Plan
  • Conceptual design for the railway construction
  • Conceptual solution for a test track for testing rail vehicles and a workshop complex
  • Preliminary design with feasibility study
  • Environmental impact assessment study
  • Tender documentation


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Managing Director
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